Meryl Streep Needs To Retire Already

Here’s a little short story from someone who really has it in for Meryl Streep…


Everyone knows that Meryl Streep can speak convincingly in any accent and that she can burst into tears in an instant if that’s what the acting role requires.  That’s the thing, though; everyone is well versed in Meryl’s talents, so it shouldn’t be a surprise when she does it.  I mean, at this point, she probably breaks into a Chinese accent while debating fabric swatches with her husband.  Yet every time she stars in a movie, she ends up getting nominated for every award out there, and she often wins.  Which is why I wish the little glory hog would retire already.

Do you have any idea how hard it is for a B-List actress such as myself to get nominated for an Oscar?  I pulled it off, however, and for a comedic role, no less!  That’s how hard I pushed myself to nail my part in It Could Happen, the story of an…

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