Tis the Season for Oscar Baiting (Fa la la la la la, blah blah blah blah)


So you wanna win an Oscar, huh? You wanna get that nice gold trophy on a shelf in your room? To go down in cinema lore as one of the chosen few? Well before you can get to the awards show, you’ve gotta make a movie. And if it’s an Oscar you’re fishing after, then you might as well get some nice bait.

Frustrated screenwriters everywhere waiting for a bite

What is Oscar Baiting? Oscar Baiting is a term for when a movie appears to have been made with the explicit goal of getting its writer, director, and/or cast Oscars. It usually falls under a specific genre and style, featuring at least one big name actor in the lead, and is released sometime between October and December. The reason behind the late year release being it’s closer to the time the Academy votes on movies to nominate for the Oscars…

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