Is Israel’s Oscar entry a ‘Zionist plot’ against Iran?

Behind The News

There are two Persian-speaking films this year among the 81 entries in the foreign-language film category for the 88th Academy Awards. One of them is “Muhammad: The Messenger of God,” which is representing Iran – a comprehensive epic about the life and work of Prophet Muhammad.

The second, surprisingly, comes from Israel – the ayatollah regime’s rival in the international arena. The film, “Baba Joon” director Yuval Delshad’s first full-length motion picture, focuses on a family of immigrants of Iranian descent.

The Persian language should be a connecting and compromising element, at least culturally, between the two countries. But there are those in Tehran who suspect that “Baba Joon” is actually a Zionist propaganda film, which seeks to disconnect the Jews who emigrated from Iran from their heritage and brainwash them. For example, Milad Jalalzada from Iran’s Young Journalist Club, who wrote an article about the film, under the headline “The…

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