An interesting perspective on the Oscar diversity debate…

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As a black (aspiring) actress, there is little to no chance that I would have missed all the drama going on with the Oscars. Now, before I get into my thoughts on the matter, let me say that I do not, in any way, pretend to be an expert on the Oscars. I have never watched them; I would have to Google to be sure of the nominations in any given year; the only thing I know for sure is that Leonardo DiCaprio has never won one. But even with all my unfamiliarity regarding the intricacies of the awards considered, the only way I’d escape knowledge of this year’s was if I literally lived under a rock.

Yes, there are films with black cast and crew worthy of receiving Oscars that didn’t even get nominations. And yes, it is a shame that this year’s awards are so biased towards “whiteness”…

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  1. Caz says:

    I think it’s all ridiculous to be honest. Surely it would only be a valid argument if no black actor had ever been nominated or in fact won an Oscar. Anyone thought that the actual best performances of the year have just received nominations?!?!


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