#Oscarssowhite reveals issues about Hollywood


Over the past few weeks, the hashtag #Oscarssowhite has become popular on social media. Many people including actors are speaking out against the Oscars nominations lacking diversity.

The Oscars is a strong reflection of Hollywood and reveals how inclusive it is. It is more than a black issue. Many talented people who are of minority descent do not get their shot to Hollywood or often recognized for the stereotypical roles they play in movie.

Viola Davis mentioned that Hollywood do not create Oscar-worthy movies with a person in colour in mind. How are people of colour deserving of awards where they are not given the opportunity act in movies worthy of an Oscar?

“Openness is more important than boycotting the Oscars. Academy voters, everyone — should be more open-minded to African-American stories “because they’re everyone’s stories.”- Viola Davis, SAG awards 2016

Hollywood needs to be more open to awarding Oscar-worthy movies to actors…

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