Leo DiCaprio and the missing Oscar

What's inside the closet - Cecilia Peruzzi

It’s that time of the year again: nominations have come out, people are rushing to the cinema and actors are picking out their best look. What am I talking about? The Oscars of course! It was no surprise to find a very old friends of ours in the nominees for Best Actor in Leading Role, Leonardo DiCaprio. His latest movie, The Revenant, received the incredible number of 12 nominations, including Best Supporting Actor for Tom Hardy and Best Picture.

After an incredible number of losses throughout the years, this movie might be the proof that Leonardo DiCaprio will do pretty much anything to win the Oscar this year. While he keeps insisting prizes aren’t important to him, it’s all about the love for the job

I think anyone would rather say “Oh have you seen the Oscar I won for Best Actor?” (I know I would!). It only took a…

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