Backstage Interview: Adapted Screenplay

A. (Charles Randolph) Alicia will be here soon.  Don’t worry.
A. (Adam McKay) She will.  We can answer questions for Alicia.  High proteins diets.  It’s, you know, a lot of character work.
Q. Congratulations to both of you for the win and sorry to ask the first question about Chris Rock, but what did you guys think of his monologue?
A. (Charles Randolph)  We ‑‑ I loved it.
A. (Adam McKay) I thought it was great.  I thought it was really great.  I thought it was jabbing at Hollywood yet at the same time evenhanded and kind of dealing with like a new era of sort of how we discuss diversity.  I thought it was very evenhanded, and really impressive and really funny.
A. (Charles Randolph)  Agreed.
Q. Hi.  Good to see you.  Congratulations.
A. Thank you.
Q. Now that you’re a serious filmmaker with an Academy Award, can we count on an ANCHORMAN 3 or are we through?
A. (Adam McKay)  My next movie is going to be about cholesterol.  And it’s going to be in black and white, and it’s going to be Shostakovich scoring it.  It’s going to be the grimmest movie you’ve ever seen in your life.  And Charles is going to write it ‑‑
A. (Charles Randolph)  Of course.
A. (Adam McKay) ‑‑ while with pneumonia.
Q. Adam, congratulations.  You made mention in your acceptance speech about not voting for a candidate that takes money from big oil and whatnot.  Did you have a specific candidate in mind?
A. (Adam McKay) I just think ‑‑ no, I did not.  I really didn’t.  And the amazing thing about this movie has been that we’ve seen Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Sanders support this movie.  This is a right‑left movie, and we’ve got to stop, man.  Big money is taking over our government, and until right and left goes, no more big money.  It has to be like a scarlet letter on these candidates.  So I really honestly did not mean either side, but like Google it.  Just Google it.  You can see what the candidates have been paid, and when you elect people that get money from banks and oil and weirdo billionaires, that’s who they vote for.

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