Oscars 2016: The Shocks, Suprises and Highlights

To quote Frankie Valli, “oh, what a night”.

It was a night choc-a-bloc full of shocks and surprises, as Mad Max dominated the technical and creative categories but it was The Revenant and Spotlight who shared the major spoils while The Big Short consoled itself with just one for adapted screenplay. Meanwhile, Chris Rock took to the stage and obviously had one hot topic on his mind.

Catch the highlights below and comment underneath with your own. Or click here for the full list of winners

Who Won What?

Of course you want to go through all the results in turn and give them the good once over, but social media is notoriously impatient, so to get you started here’s a rundown of which feature films won the most awards:

6 – Mad Max: Fury Road

3 – The Revenant

2 – Spotlight

1 – The Big Short

1 – The Danish Girl

1 – Ex Machina

1 – Inside Out

1 – Bridge of Spies

1 – Amy

1 – The Hateful Eight

1 – Spectre

1 – Room

The Biggest Shocks

Ex Machina was the first film in a string of upsets as it beat both The Force Awakens and Fury Road to win the award for best visual effects. Those who thought we had the biggest shock of the night were mistaken – enter supporting actors.

Despite Sylvester Stallone being the overwhelming favourite to win supporting actor, it was in fact Bridge of Spies‘ Mark Rylance who picked up the gold. Though it shouldn’t be seen as an injustice considering his acclaim and notable BAFTA win, it will be remembered as the biggest surprise of the night.

And then there’s Bond, which pipped Lady Gaga to the post and became the second consecutive film in the franchise to win the Oscar for Best Original Song, as Sam Smith picked up the award for theme tune Writing’s On the Wall.

Leo Finally Got His Oscar

The biggest result, albeit the most expected, was Leonardo DiCaprio who, on his sixth attempt, finally picked up an Oscar for his raw portrayal of the title character in Alejandro Inarritu’s The Revenant. On the announcement, he took the podium to a standing ovation and the biggest cheer of the night.

“Tom, your fierce talent on screen can only be surpassed by your friendship off screen” he said of his co-star before continuing about his director, “you have forged your way into history these past two years”.

He even managed to get a speech about his environmental work, and of course they wouldn’t dare interrupt him with the music. The room was clearly ecstatic for their colleague who was overdue the recognition that so many of his peers had already received.

Did our host Rock the Oscars?

Following a well produced montage of some of 2015’s biggest and best offerings, Chris Rock took to the stage and the tone immediately shifted to something more irreverent, more like a comedy club, and indeed this is what he wanted as he embarked on a diversity rant against Hollywood. Many people felt he did a good job, and maybe it was what needed to be heard, but Louis CK’s appearance as a presenter later in the show was a masterclass in how to win over a crowd in thirty seconds, and put Rock’s opening gimmick to shame.

He certainly did not hit the calibre of DeGeneres, and frankly should look for a new compere next year. Our money is on CK or Tina Fey.

 The Thank You Scroll

This year saw the introduction scrolling thank yous along the bottom of the screen as winners accepted their award. In principle this was to shorten the speeches and free up valuable seconds to entertain rather than bore the millions of viewers who really don’t care about the non-famous folk.

In reality, it had an adverse affect and the music seemed to be cutting more people off than ever. Maybe they just got a bit hastier with the button though.

The Black History Month Movies

Oscar nominees including JoyThe Revenant and The Danish Girl were all given the parody treatment, with some big stars such as Whoopi Goldberg and Jeff Daniels featuring in what was one of many major rewrites and last minute content changes.

It was followed by a random and inexplicable gag as a woman came on stage and announced a happy Black History Month. It made no sense and it didn’t really get much of a laugh from the crowd. I think there was a mutual confusion across the world.

Other Stuff

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling’s skit was a little awkward, as they joked about who won Oscars and played out this fake argument. Let’s be honest, if you’re not Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller just don’t bother.

Sarah Silverman’s rant at James Bond as she introduced Sam Smith’s live performance was funny and sharp, but came early on and confirmed a much more low brow, riskier show this year.

The Oscar winning costume designer of Mad Max was the first to be almost played off the stage by the music. It’s nice they stuck with the idea of replacing that old get off the stage theme with classic orchestral movie scores.

One of the most entertaining live sketches was the robots from Star Wars coming on stage and saying things about John Williams. Bit weird how C-3PO started flirting with a giant Oscar statue but apparently anything goes this year.

Chris Rock took a brief interlude from moaning about diversity to send his daughter’s girl scout group around the audience to collect money for cookies. Nice touch to segue into the animated short category which was presented by the minions.

Louis CK took to the stage to present and award, and frankly it wouldn’t matter if he just stood there, he’s so awesome. And then there was Vice President Joe Biden who received a standing ovation on his entrance. He preceded to plea for action and extra vigilantism when it comes to sexual harrassment and lack of consent – it was an impassioned speech as he then introduced Lady Gaga to perform her Oscar nominated song.


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