Winners Speech: Animated Short


We are really happy right now. We want to thank the Academy, our families and everyone in Chile that have supported us and trust in our work. Personally I want to dedicate this achievement to my grandfather, who is the one who inspire this story and to all the people like him who have suffered in exile. We really hope that this must never happen again. Thanks.

Thank you all. We are from a small country called Chile. This is the first Oscar for our country, so this is very important for us. Thank you all. Un gran aplauso para todos. Viva Chile!

Thank you scroll:
Gabriel Osorio & Pato Escala would like to thank:
Our families, our sons Samuel and Pedro Escala, and Bruno Osorio. To Leopoldo Osorio, who inspired this story. To everyone who believed in our project, especially the Chilean Government and UDLA-Chile. To Banco Estado, Brooks Brothers and Latam for their support. To our friends and to every person who is or has been a part of the Punkrobot Studio team. To the Chilean Animation Project and the Latin American Animation world. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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