Winners Speech: Cinematography


Academy, thank you so much. This is incredible. I want to share it with the cast and crew, especially with my compadre, Mr. Iñárritu. To your passion, Alejandro. And I want to share this also with Leo and Tom, for their great performance. All the producers, New Regency and Fox for all the freedom and the support. My wife Lauren, Ale, Dani, I love you so much. Daniela, happy birthday. To my parents, my friends. And to all the cinematographers that were nominated with me, I admire you so much. I love your work. Alejandro, thank you so much.

Thank you scroll:

Emmanuel Lubezki would like to thank:

Cast, Crew, Lauren Strogoff, Ale Lubezki, Dani Lubezki !!!Happy Birthday!!! Muni, Raquel, Alejandro, Pola, Family, Friends, Teachers, Alejandro Iñárritu, Leo, Tom, John Connor, Ray Garcia, Scott Sakamoto, Arthur To, Steve Scott, Perry Burrell, Mary Parent, Steve Golin, Jim Skotchdopole, Brad Weston, Arnon & Yariv Milchan, Stephen Mirrione, Jack Fisk, Jaqueline West, Elissa Loparco, Siân Grigg, Rich and Ivy VFX, New Regency, Fox, Paul Hook, Ann Murphy, Steve Jacob, Jenna Giacomelli, Strogoffs, CUEC, MEXICO!!!, ASC, The Beatles!, Happy Birthday Dani!!!


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