Winners Speech: Documentary Feature


Thank you, this is amazing. Thank you to everyone in the Academy, everyone who voted for us, all the love you’ve shown to the film. To the contributors, everyone who trusted us to actually make this film. Really, this film is all about Amy, this is all about showing the world who she really was: not her tabloid persona, the beautiful girl, the amazing soul, funny, intelligent, witty, someone special, someone who needed looking after. We just wanted to make a film to show the world who she really was.


Thank you to A24, the whole team in the U.S., the gang at On The Corner, our friends at Cinetic, everybody at Universal: David Joseph, Adam Barker. Chris King, our editor, this is for you, my friend. And lastly, this is for the fans, Amy’s fans who loved her through thick and thin, that’s all she ever really needed. Thank you very much.


And our families and our wives and our children. Thank you.

Thank you scroll:

Asif Kapadia & James Gay-Rees would like to thank:

Rabia Kapadia, Ahmed Kapadia, Victoria, Akira, Kimaya,  Firoza, Rehana, Aziza,  Shuna, Harwood Family, Bertrand Faivre, Tim Miller, Tony Grisoni, Joost Hunninger, Les Mills, Alistair Webb, Michael McCoy, Carlos Goodman, Pam Smith, Mel Smith, Bromfield Gay-Rees, Sally Howard, Sophie Weitzman, Ava, Nesta, Pat Gauntlett, Jolyon Symonds, Lucian Grainge, George Pank, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, David Joseph, Adam Barker, Nick Shymansky, Chris King, Alison Thompson, John Sloss, David Fenkel, Daniel Katz, Nicolette Aizenberg, Amy Grey, Peggy Siegal, Ashley Mariner & Lisa Taback.


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  1. Ruben says:

    Who is LES MILLS?


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