Winners Speech: Film Editing


Charlize [waves to her]! Us Mad Maxers are doing okay tonight. Thank you so much to the Academy. You know, “Mad Max” was the best-reviewed film of 2015. Audiences loved it, and to be honored tonight is just more than we could ever have hoped for. But, it took enormous creative courage and guts to make this film, so I just want to say thanks to George Miller, Doug Mitchell and the whole crew that endured six months in that Namibian desert to bring back the most amazing footage. But honestly, it’s in the edit room that the final…that the film is finally forged. It’s the final rewrite, so I just want to salute my beloved picture department who are in Sydney, and all who work in post, who work with their hands, heads and most importantly, their hearts.

Thank you scroll:

Margaret Sixel would like to thank:

George Miller, Budo & Tige Miller, Doug Mitchell, PJ Voeten, Warner Brothers, Courtney Valenti, Chris DeFaria, Darren Higman, Massey Rafani, Tom Holkenborg, Bob Badami, Andrew Jackson, Holly Radcliffe, Matt Town, Mark Perry, Andrew Corsi, Semih Ozkoseoglu, Kento Watanabe, Eliot Knapman, Nicole Thorn, Brendan Jenkins, Jasper Susi, Mandy Eyley, Jasmine De Carlo, Jason Ballantine, Eric Whipp, Petrina Edge, Chris Jenkins, Greg Rudloff, Mark Mangini, Scott Hecker, David White, Wayne Pashley, Harry & Joan Sixel. In memoriam: my brother Mark Sixel.


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