Winners Speech: Foreign Language Film

LÁSZLÓ NEMES (director):
Wow, thanks to the Academy for this incredible honor. Thank you to Sony Pictures Classics, Tom Bernard and Michael Barker for supporting us. Thanks to Hungary for funding this film. I want to share this with Géza Röhrig, my main actor, and the incredible cast and crew that believe in this project when no one else did. You know, even in the darkest hours of mankind, when in the darkest hours of mankind, there might be a voice within us, that allows us to remain human. That’s the hope of this film. Thank you very much, thank you.

Thank you scroll:
László Nemes would like to thank:
Clara Royer, Matthieu Taponier, Balázs Krasznahorkai, Zsófia Princz, László Rajk, Eva Zabezsinszkij, Anikó Kiss, Jacques Marcovich, Hungarian Film Fund, Claims Conference, François Yon, Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, Films Distribution, Thierry Frémaux, Christian Jeune, Georges Goldenstern, Melody Korenbrot, Sophie Gluck, Ziggy Kozlowksi, Gergely Csepregi, István Kolos, Zoltán Gyovai, Robert Vámos, Éva Kelényi & Jerusalem International Film Lab.

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