Winners Speech: Live Action Short


You know, when you make your, your first ever film, you’ve gotta convince a lot of people to jump on board and take a risk with a first-time director, and, you know, to every single member of the cast and crew of “Stutterer” for jumping on board and taking that risk with me I’m forever grateful. And to the Academy for this award. It’s such a huge honor. Thank you so much. To my amazing parents for all the support, thank you. Chloe Pirrie, you’re amazing, wherever you are up there. Matthew—to the wonderful Matthew Needham, you are this film, brother, thank you so much. Every day is a proud day to be Irish, but today even more so than usual. To everyone for all the support back home, thank you so much.


On behalf of myself and Shan who produced this film with me, we just want to thank Ben for bringing on this journey, and to the Academy for honoring short films. Thank you.



Thank you scroll:

Benjamin Cleary & Serena Armitage would like to thank:

Michael Paleodimos, Nico Casal, Chloe Pirrie, Eric Richard, Gustaf & Emma Jackson, James Latimer, Irene Cotton, Annabel Cleary, Dawn Garcia, Brian Falconer, Sara Fawsitt, Mazzy, Franny, Judy & Blanco, Julian Sykes, David Sayer, Jamie Emsell, Davey, Nath & Daz, Geoff Meakin, Sally Clements, Maaike Elenbaas, Ofir Peretz, Daniel McStay, Oliver Cleary, London Film School, Pulse College, Joanie Lazar, Michael O’Connor, Fitzroy Pals, Suzanne & Vanessa, Greg McWilliams, Oliver Goodrum, Aideen Tynan, Robert Coffee, Amaryllis Tsegou, Rafa Pavon, all of our families, friends & the crew.


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