Winners Speech: Makeup & Hairstyling


Wow, amazing, you can pop the corks at home. We’re bringing home gold. Fantastic, thank you very much to the Academy. Thank you very much to Warner Bros. Thank you to all our fantastic crew across the globe; there were many of them as Colin said. A lot of it’s already been said by Jenny and Colin, but once again, we want to thank George, who is…you know, it’s his vision, yeah, his vision. And thank you for taking us all along. You’re amazing, George, we love you.


I’d just like to thank my parents and my beautiful one-week-old today daughter Elvira, and her beautiful mother Heather.


And all our supporters back home.


All our colleagues. Thank you so much. Thank you to the Academy.

Thank you scroll:

Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega & Damian Martin would like to thank:

Adam, Adele, Ailie, Alex, Alice, Amy, Anita, Ashley, Audrey, Ayten, Bob, Brydie, Candy, Catherine Cher, Colin, Cristina, Dave, Don, Emily, Eva, Gabs, Gareth, Jaco, Jess, Jo, Kala, Kalotina, Kate, Kerstin, Kulan, Kya, Kylie, Lara, Lian, Marika, Marli, Matthew, Mike, Nadine, Natasha, Niqui, Odette, Paul, Petrina, Quimaine, Rachelle, Reitte, Robin, Sean, Shannon, Sophia, Tess, Troy, Yolande, Yvonne, Ziggy, Heather, Baby, Don & Adele, Nadia, Dave, Helen & Trevor, Wieslaw & Judy, Ellen Vanderwalt, Judy, Stephen, Bluebird, Cosmesis, Global, La Boutique, MAC, Odd Studio,  Scotty’s, Tinsley’s.


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