Winners Speech: Production Design

It never ceases to annoy me how many people it takes to make me look competent, so, uh. To get one of these, you got an idea of the multitudes, the multitudes of Australians, New Zealanders, Brits, Americans, South Africans, Namibians, who all came together under George’s vision to bring you a tale about a man with mental health issues, an amputee Amazon and five runaway sex slaves, so, uh. I’d like to chalk this one up as the first Oscar for diversity.

Thank you, Academy, and thank you to the most amazing crew. Thank you.

Thank you scroll:
Colin Gibson & Lisa Thompson would like to thank:
Chuckie, Hobbsy, Poundy, Jac, Andrew, Shira, Marko, Katie, Maxine, Adrian, Laurie, Malatesta, Harmon, Bert, Chris, Matt, Ronnie, Shane, Guffy, Kinley, Scotty, Alex, Johnno, Lochie, Mick, Nik, Andrew, Naylor and Loveday, Natoli, Ivan, Bromley, Forbes, Bernard, Trunky, Dane, Gatty, Smithy, Leech, Neilsy, Carlo, Bruveris, the Kensells, Matt, Andy, Jol, Wesley, Geronimo, Lila, Lara-Lyn, Orlando and Arlo, Anneke, Axel, Justice, Etienne, Emelia, Janni, Hansie, Cobus, Gary, Vanessa, Christo, Terry, Zammit, Brendan, Dana, Nathan, Rann, Ross, Andy, Nicki, Gordon, Darren, Lance, and my gorgeous wife Vicki, son Kip and girl-child Porkchop…

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