Winners Speech: Sound Mixing

Thank you very much. First of all a big shout out to the Academy, thank you for all your support of our incredible creative craft. To our fellow nominees, we can’t say enough, we’re so proud to be in your company and we’re so proud to represent tonight. To George Miller, you’re the heart and soul of all this. We can’t say enough about you, thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us the opportunity. To Warner Bros., to all of our friends there and the people that support us. And most of all to our families, to our wives, to Jeanne and to Sue, to our families, to James up in the cheap seats. Thank you all very, very much.

Thanks everybody. Thanks to all the Australians, Namibians.

Thank you scroll:
Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff & Ben Osmo would like to thank:
Alana Osmo, Jeanne Cordova-Jenkins, Sue Rudloff, Doug Mitchell, P.J. Voeten, Marc Solomon, Paul LaMori, Matt Town, Paul Broucek, Darren Higman, Mark Wasiutak, Derek Mansvelt, Brendan Allen, Oliver Machin, Ian Arrow, Thabo Singeni, Shanti Burne, Paradox Delilah, Greg Fitzgerald, Peter Purcell, Peter Miller, Angus Robertson, Glenn Butler, Sam Hayward, Duncan McRae, Ryan Murphy, Unsun Song, Tony Pilkington, Kevin Collier, Kim Waugh, Wayne Pashley, David White, Mark Mangini, Scott Hecker, Kira Roessler, Mark Franken, Yulia Akerholt, Julian Slater, Bob Badami, Katrina Schiller.

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